Simplicity & Elegance

Since 1999, we have been passionate in creating different lighting solutions for all kinds of atmospheres. Always striving for perfection, refining all aspects of the design and challenging ourselves at every turn. As we are based in Ohrid a city with significant cultural and historical importance dating back thousands of years ago, it is our duty to represent our city as best as possible and always try to achieve perfection whenever possible. Our beginnings started simple by getting inspired by the beauty that nature offers and drawing that beauty in our sketchbooks, creating our sophisticated designs from such humble ideas. Simplicity and elegance in everything we do, is one of our guiding values in our company.

Attention to Detail

Every detail is important and deserves to be treated with the greatest of attentions. We are never satisfied with anything less than remarkable, with the greatest of quality, created in a sustainable way ensuring a brighter tomorrow for future generations. Each step of our production process is done in a way in which it does not harm nature and the final product and its packaging is made from recyclable material and we make sure nothing goes to waste. We share a vision, which we hope to spread with our clients, that nature is incredibly valuable and beautiful and we should all do our part in protecting and preserving it.


We are moving towards a zero-carbon footprint and do our part in taking care of our environment. In order to achieve that we are moving forward with installing solar panels, in order to be self-sufficient with renewable energy for our factory, use only eco-packing from recycled material and take great care in creating zero waste by utilizing everything to the maximum and recycling everything which can be recycled. That is why our products are created only for use with LED lighting as it is of the utmost importance to us, to be energy efficient and we hope that our clients will follow in our example.