Fall in Love with Nature

We at Vintage+ pride ourselves on creating exclusive, sustainable and high quality wooden lighting. We didn’t choose to create wooden lighting by accident, we have thought about it deeply and wanted to bring a more sustainable option to lighting, all the while being elegant in our designs and making it attractive to anyone to make the switch and see the beauty in illuminating your home or business with beautiful wooden designs.

We use high quality wooden materials with a CE certificate of conformity in order to create our products. The process starts with creating the individual pieces of the product on a laser machine, and then each piece individually is cleaned, handled and assembled with great care by expert woodworkers in order to create the product, putting extra care and attention to each and every piece. We are working in a sustainable way in which each part of our production process is done in an eco-friendly way, from start to finish. We use only eco-packaging for our products and before they are shipped out they go through several quality checks.

Traditional lighting which is made from unsustainable materials such as plastic, are harmful to the environment and do not really bring that unique elegance that wooden lighting brings to every room. Following are some of the reasons which make wooden lighting stand out with its unique beauty.

Fascinating Designs Inspired by Nature

As our main material used for producing our lighting products is wood, we are getting closer and closer with nature and better understanding the natural beauty that nature creates all around us. It comes as no surprise that we take our inspiration from nature, as it gives the most elegant and beautiful designs. In our designs we mainly use walnut colored wood as it has quite an elegant presence, which can easily fit in and enrich any type of room. Trees and their unique branching paths and forms, and shapes of their leaves are one of the most fascinating designs for us and we aim to bring that feeling of pleasantness with our products by emulating those patterns. We are currently working on many different new designs inspired by nature with which we aim to bring all the natural beauty and its elegant designs to your home and enrich the atmosphere in as many places as possible.

Eco Friendly

It is all of our duty to take care of our environment, and we take that very seriously. Our products are made with eco-friendly materials and the whole production and packaging process is in a way in which it doesn’t harm the environment. In comparison with plastic, wood is way more of a sustainable material, and by choosing wooden lighting, not only you are enriching your home or business with timeless elegance but you are doing your part in taking care of the environment. Our lighting is made exclusively for use with LED lighting as it is the greenest of all lighting sources and incredibly energy efficient and with a significantly longer usage than traditional bulbs. Apart from all of it being eco-friendly, wood does not emit any harmful substance, on the contrary it saturates the air with aromatic resins which make breathing easier and it is especially helpful for asthma patients or anyone who has some sort of inflammation in his respiratory system.

Handmade with Love

Each and every product of ours is made with exceptional eye to detail and with great care to each piece. The individual parts of our products are each handled by top experts in woodworking, making sure that each piece has its own story, and their assembly into one product makes a collection of stories feel like a unique timepiece. The art in it, is irrefutable. As each piece has its own different patterns, no one product is the same, each is made in a way that it brings extra elegance and beauty to the finished product with the sole purpose of making the client as happy as possible with the product. Our woodworkers put all of their passion into each product and every tiny detail in it, thus we can proudly say that you are getting a product with exceptional quality, with lots of love and attention put into it.

Timeless Tones

With the way we design our products, we are making them into ones which suit all kinds of homes and businesses. We have an answer to each different theme. With the walnut color and designs inspired by nature our products are the perfect fit for both modern and traditional themes. No matter your preference for warmer or colder lighting colors, our products are made in a way in whichever you choose you will be pleasantly surprised with the final illuminance and unique ways in which the light is being cast in the room. We have the answer for all of your design questions and we are always ready to help you make elegant lighting decisions. Wooden designs inspired by nature will never go out of style.